Mott MacDonald LTD, представительство в Санкт-Петербурге 


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Mott MacDonald LTD, представительство в Санкт-Петербурге 

The Mott MacDonald Group is a management, engineering and development consultancy serving public and private sectors world-wide. Its US$1.5 billion business spans 140 countries with over 11,000 staff working in all sectors from transport, energy, buildings, water and the environment to health and education, industry and communications. Our breadth of skills, sectors, services and global reach makes us one of the world's top players in delivering management, engineering and development solutions. The immense scope of our business demands a huge variety of expertise which we’re able to provide in house. Our people include engineers, scientists, environmentalists, economists, cost consultants, safety experts, IT specialists, educationalists, management consultants and more. Mott MacDonald has been active in Russia for over 15 years: starting with small food industry studies, it has expanded to health, energy and project management assignments as well as municipal water and wastewater projects in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities, Some good examples of our successful work in the region are several assignments in the water sector of St. Petersburg, which involve environmental infrastructure development strategy, review of designs, supervision of construction, corporate change management, procurement financial planning and environmental monitoring.

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